Deb Roys video The birth of a word was completely mind boggling.  It is absolutely insane but absolutely unbelievable. The transformation from gaga to water was incredible; I can’t believe someone had this idea to track the progress of the spoken word. You see videos where they speed up time with pictures but to do this with sound takes this idea to a whole new level. This opens up a whole new window on how people are able to study speech and the evolution of language. The concept in general is such a unique idea and to actually go through with it is something entirely different. To begin on this journey of tracking all of your activity and language comes a great deal of invasion and exposure but what you get out of it is more than worth it. I think it is amazing how he we are able to witness how the context of language connects to events and how it relates to public media. Mass media obviously has an enormous impact on the world around you but knowing how it impacts your speech is something that I never had even thought of. The conversations that come off of what you see and how you incorporate them into your conversations creates a whole different area for language to emerge. I was completely lost as to how he was able to get all of this data and what it all really meant, but he does, and it’s incredible research and information. Without the advancement of technology this study would not have been possible at all. Voice recordings are a new space of writing that you don’t really think about. Ah it’s crazy!

Erin Dennison