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Why would anyone want to spend all of their free time in front of a television? I guess, to me, that makes no sense. To others, that may be all that they know. Many many years ago, videogames barely existed. What did those people do in their free time?! Read? Play outside? Socialize? Talk to friends? What? What did they do? They had to have done something to occupy their time. Why after all of these years do people depend on videogames? I really do not understand. Videogames are boring to me. I do not find them entertaining. Maybe I should put myself in someone’s shoes and play games for hours on end. Maybe then I would better understand.

These so called “gamers“, do not have a real social life. The only interaction they get with people is between a headset. Is that real communication? Do they even know what the other person looks like at all? That to me is no way to spend free time. Kids these days should not be allowed to spend all of that time in front of the television. They should have friends that they can spend time with. I personally do not think anyone can learn from playing video games, unless they are the educational ones. Yes, I feel that kids should be able to use the technology for good. They should not be allowed to play a video game where all they do is shoot a gun. That to me is called bad parenting. What are you teaching your children?

It’s not even just the kids who play video games. It’s the adults. I think that is where kids learn it and want to mimic them. Designated time should be alloted to play one game or two. Not an entire day! There are right ways and wrong ways to do everything. Will you let videogames control your life?

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