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Writing on paper

The kind of people who would use this writing space would include everybody. Paper is one of the original writing spaces and it is a writing space everyone has used before typewriters, computers and smartphones came along. Paper is a writing space that invites anyone to use it; all you need is a sheet of paper and pen/pencil to write down your thoughts. The downfall is writing on paper is slower. To write in this space is comfortable because we grew up writing in this space. It can be a little sloppy depending on your handwriting. I wouldn’t say that writing on paper is foreign because when writing the pen/pencil just flows with the paper. We are familiar with it because it is not new to us.  Writing on paper is also very romantic you can write love letters or writing something special on a card. Writing on paper is very affordable from writing on other spaces because it is very easy to use almost everyone can do it. All you need is paper and pen/pencil. You can take it anywhere and you do not have to worry about charging your computer or need to be somewhere where there is internet access. There is not a constraint for writing on paper unless you don’t have a pen and paper. Although if you are writing a lengthy paper it might have an affect if you are under a time constraint since writing usually takes longer than writing on a computer. When writing on paper the composing space is permanently on the paper if you are writing with a pen. If you are using a pencil you can erase the text but it looks sloppy and you can still see the text faintly. How using paper impacts on the environment by killing trees to make paper.

-Nick Cosenza-


Filter Bubbles or censorship?

I thought the Eli Pariser video on “Filter Bubbles“was very thought provoking.  I never realized how all of these different search engines tailor the information that they feed to you based on what they think you want from previous information.  Sometimes I get so frustrated when I am searching for something specific and the search engines take me to all of this nonsensical stuff that has nothing to do with what I am actually looking for.  Now I understand that it is because of the filter bubbles.  I don’t want to be boxed in or censored by what someone else thinks I want.  I want the world at my fingertips!  I want to discover things outside of my normal focal point. Isn’t that the point of having this vast world wide web available to us?  Isn’t supposed to provide us with all the possibilites and not just the ones it thinks we want?

The most disturbing part of the video was that facebook essentially edited out his conservative friends from his feed because he was more active with his liberal friends.  What we want to incorporate into our online database should be based on our own personal decisions, not decisions made by technology that has interpreted what my likes and dislikes should be.  I do not want to be controlled or restricted based on data compiled from prior inquiries that may have nothing to do with my current needs.  No one should decide who I am and what I want but me! I will leave you with one final thought, the following is a quote by Eli Pariser that we should all consider the implications of carefully,  “Your filter bubble is your own personal, unique universe of information that you live in online. What’s in your filter bubble depends on who you are, and it depends on what you do. But you don’t decide what gets in — and more importantly, you don’t see what gets edited out.” (Eli Pariser)  Do you want to allow someone else to decide for you, or do you want to control your own destiny?

Kris Alexandre

Feeling disconnected

It’s been nearly a week and somehow I have managed to live without my beloved Facebook.  I thought that without the distraction of Facebook I would get so much more done, but I didn’t.  This has been an exceptionally difficult week for me on many levels and part of me wonders if being disconnected has contributed to how I have handled things in my life.  Facebook is my guilty pleasure.  I get to stay in touch with my friends despite my crazy schedule.  It provides me with an avenue to stay up to date on all of the exciting things that are going on.  We share laughs and tears, we complain to each other and and cheer each other on.  On some level those seemingly insignificant connections allow us to feel special or important based on something as simple as a “like“.  I think not having that outlet to vent and get feedback has made coping with the craziness of my life much more difficult this week.

I have tried to embrace Twitter and I don’t hate it as much as I did initially, but I do not get that same feeling of connectedness from Twitter that I do from Facebook.  I’m sure that the reality that most of my friends don’t tweet plays into that, but I feel that Facebook is a much more personal forum for sharing.  The limitations that Twitter places on you to be short and sweet with what you have to say makes me feel stiffled as well.  Needless to say I will be counting down the minutes until Friday at 1:30 when I can return to Facebook and catch up on all of the exciting things I have missed in the last week.

Kris Alexandre

A Week Without Facebook!

Everywhere I turned, there was Facebook. I never realized how much it took over my life.. It was my homepage on my laptop, the app was on my phone, and I even got email notifications sent to my phone! It was extremely hard to get over the initial step of not using Facebook. It was kind of like a culture shock, because without it, I did not know what to do while I was bored at work. I actually had to do work! Holy cow! It was such a change of mind without Facebook.

Not being able to go on Facebook caused me to focus more time on my homework and other things that I needed to do. I was able to also sleep alot more without spending all of that extra time on Facebook. It was very eye opening to go a week without logging on. I feel like I really no longer need Facebook. In reality, the only reason I used it was for the sharing of pictures and all. There’s never anything that I have to post or need to message someone about. I could either call or text those people. Facebook, I really see as pointless now. I am not going to say that I will not go back on, but it will definitely be a lot less. It felt great to actually get homework done without being up until three o’clock in the morning. I even got assignments done ahead of time. That is something that I have not done in a very long time.

With my hectic schedule, 40 hours of work per week, six classes, and teaching a colorguard, it felt like I could finally take a deep breath. I didn’t feel rushed for the first time in weeks. Who knows, maybe one day I will get rid of Facebook for good, but then where will ally my pictures go? Maybe I’ll find a new website to do that in the near future. I only really used Facebook for “stalking.” It was just a way to procrastinate. I will try my absolute best to stay off of Facebook for the remainder of the semester. I want to see how much less stressful it makes thing. Instead of stopping at just this week, I am going to continue.

Let’s hope things go well! I hope I don’t go insane! 🙂

“Filter Bubbles”

“Filter Bubbles” are everywhere. Everywhere from Facebook to Google to Yahoo News to Netflix. If two people were to do the same exact search on Google, very different things would come up. This is because it now depends on who you are, where you are, what browser you are using. Many things affect what would come up for your search. Facebook, the more you click on someone’s links or view their profile, the more they will show up, but those who you don’t click on as often, will not show up.

Eli Pariser makes an excellent point in the video Beware Online Filters. The people running the internet should not have the say in what gets filtered out. Those using the internet should be the ones in charge of what is seen and what is not. They should not be running our lives. We should take control of our own lives and be the ones to choose what is important to us.

What is important to me may not be important to the next person, so in a way the people controlling the internet were trying to do something good, but why is it up to them to decide what each person is to see? What makes them so important? It’s not even just on the internet. For example Netflix does the same thing. Depending on what was recently watched, influences what shows up in the search engine. I want to see all the movies available. Not just the ones having to do with what was recently watched.

LET US BE IN CHARGE OF WHAT GETS FILTERED! I would like to get others opinion. Maybe I’m wrong. Who knows? Let’s see what others think!


I absolutely loved this video! When I first saw that it was close to an hour I thought that there was no way that I would be able to sit through the entire thing and actually be interested. I was so wrong though, this video was so interesting and informative and it changed my view completely. The whole study of culture on YouTube is so fascinating who would have thought that you would be studying culture on a website. I am never one to really go on the computer that often, (unless for Facebook or Pintrest and to write papers) but I just don’t really go on, so I lack experience and knowledge of a lot of things that most people, especially my age, are familiar with. I used to think that YouTube was just a site for people to post stupid videos or just use this tool as a way to well, act like a tool. After his video I was completely blown away. There are so many uses for YouTube, and obviously the internet in general; I can’t believe I’ve been so naïve. The web is not only about the spread of information but for connecting people together and allowing them to collaborate between time and space. It was amazing also to see how quickly a person or an idea can spread so quickly. Even hearing about Michael Wesches personal story was so inspiring and just insane.  His teaching are based solely on this new “space” and the ways we use it and why and how. It was fascinating to realize how you can almost form a whole new identity on the internet and how you are able to spread your word by yourself. You don’t need producers or money to spread your ideas, you just need internet connection and you, and you’re set.

Erin Dennison

Alternate Reality

Throughout that video I experienced so many conflicting thoughts and emotions. I personally am not a fan of videogames, probably because I suck at them, but I don’t enjoy them, I don’t like feeling like I’m in a different universe, I like to be present here in the real world. My boyfriend likes to play videogames, he’s not obsessed but he does definitely enjoy them. He constantly plays fifa and is becoming addicted to mine craft. I never understood why someone would spend all their time playing in an alternative universe that has no impact on the world around you. My boyfriend constantly shows me the things he’s created, and frankly I do not care at all, I would prefer him to make things in real life that are cool and are actually useful. Recently though he said something that changed my perspective a little bit. One of his roommates wanted to watch something on TV and my boyfriend said that he wanted to play his videogame; he actually wanted to do something. Which In turn I said that his statement was completely ridiculous because he’s not “doing anything” he’s just sitting on his ass doing nothing. He replied with “yes I’m sitting on my ass but I’m doing something, I’m engaged in the game I’m making something, I’m doing something.”

I never thought of that before. In Mine craft you’re creating different things; it’s actually a way of expressing yourself. It’s not my personal way of expression nor is it something that I would want to “waste” my time with. But isn’t watching TV, and aimlessly searching the web just as bad?

Although it was hard for me to relate to the video, I did find it interesting. I can see how some people find this alternate space absolutely amazing, for me, not so much. I couldn’t believe how the guy had driven more miles in his video game world then in actual real life. Although videogames can be something to be enjoyed I don’t think it’s healthy to become that “obsessed” watching TV is enjoyable, eating food, going on Facebook, etc. Is all enjoyable but all in moderation. You need balance as with anything in life. I would prefer to see the world with my own eyes, I’d much rather drive across the country then do it virtually. But what exactly is so different with doing it this way? Isn’t it just preference? If someone would find it more enjoyable to do it this way then who is to say that’s wrong?


Erin Dennison


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