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For better or for worse I have completed my final project for module 1. I have put more hours in on this project in 5 weeks than I probably have on work I have done throughout an entire semester in other classes.  I have lived on very little sleep and have been difficult to live with, but I can finally put this to bed and say that I am done and I am proud of what I have created.  I hope that it accurately portrays my evolutionary process as a writer over my lifetime as well as the extensive creative progress that I have made as a result of this module.  I invite you to watch my screencast and welcome any comments you may have.


I was just reading through the requirements for the final project and I realized that you wanted us to write a blog post about the rough draft of the Prezi.  I created a widget in the sidebar of our blog with links for the reflections and the Prezis.  So this is the rough draft of my Prezi  http://prezi.com/5swpxurhjuhs/edit/. It is definitely rough.  I have put alot of thoughts and ideas together that I will begin stringing into a coherent, reflective explanation of my use of writing spaces. Hopefully it will make a lot more sense when it’s all finished.

Kris Alexandre

I just got done viewing the YouTube video “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” and who would have ever thought the anthropology could be so engaging.  I LOVED this video.  It was very long, but really interesting and definitely catches the viewers attention.  I spend so much time desperately trying to get through endless boring academic readings for my classes so this was such a pleasant surprise.  When something interests us we take so much more away from the experience.  It was great the way it tied into the the other video we watched “The Machine is Us/ing Us“.  I would much rather learn through this type of medium than struggling to get through a reading that I really could care less about. Being a non-traditional (yeah I know “Old”) student I have very little experience with YouTube.  I just signed myself up for account last week and only because I have to for another class.  My only experience with YouTube is when my kids force me to come watch a video of a dinosaur farting (very exciting stuff).  I loved his participation method of teaching.  He had so much to say and the information was so thought provoking and entertaining.  As a future educator this seems like a method I would want to implement into my classroom.  If we can develop an excitement in learning amongst our students, surely they will keep coming back for more.

Kris Alexandre


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